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my online Beginning...

🖐Hi there, my name is Cle Porter.


I have been online since early 2011. And my mindset at that time was just to learn how to make enough money online to supplement my income.  So to learn more, I attended my first network marketing event August of that same year. And I purchased almost a thousand dollars in products.


Excited that this was it, I had all the information that I needed in those attractively packaged products to start making money online.  But to my dismay, I found mostly a lot of fluff or things that were explained at such a high level that left me with so many unanswered questions.

shiny object syndrome

For several more years I was on a cycle of spending a lot of time and money running after the “shiny object” with the hope of seeing the internet marketing puzzle clearly put together...

the puzzle-a certain way

Then, late 2016 I came across a training on traffic generation and a concept called ‘doing certain things in a certain way’ by a successful online marketer.  For over twelve years at that time, he dominated in everything he promoted online.

That was a turning point in my online marketing, and I could see the pieces of the puzzle come together. There was a shift in my mindset.

follow a proven path

Also, this is when I really understood the meaning of having a mentor. Someone that has the knowledge, understanding and skills that you want and have the proven results to show that their knowledge and understanding really work.


Since then, I have been following the example of my mentor in doing certain things in a certain way and began to see results from my marketing efforts.

If you want success in life, you must bring your mindset and your actions to a standard higher than the ordinary human standard.

You must rise above average in your thinking and doing if you want to enjoy success in your life.  I know that you can do it! If you truly want to make that change, I'm here to help.

Therefore, I am on a mission to help people just like you to build your online dream business so that you can generate consistence income and live life on your own terms.

It is never too late, start where you are🙂

sharing & giving back

As a member of a community of elite entrepreneurs who love to teach people how to build solid online businesses based on universal principles, I love to share what I have learn and connect you with quality tools, resources and training that will help you create the life of your dream.

I want to show you a proven step by step pathway today, of how you can take control of your financial destiny by building your online dream business using the affiliate "connector" business model, to get the results that you want, and enjoy the lifestyle that you deserve.

Click the button below to learn how NOW!

Your lifestyle freedom is only a decision and a few steps away. Start building your online dream business today!

Cle Porter


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